Rescue Journal

so percy pissed me off a bedtime

Carol  ·  Dec. 21, 2008

gawd that cow is a dolt. i finally noosed him with a dog leash and literally DRAGGED him in thru the gate (when i get mad, my adrenalin surges) my back feels really good, not. no moronic stubborn, bull headed juvenile cow is going to win in the battle of wills at bedtime...i want to be done for the night so percy you ARE going to bed.... double dolt.

i am beginning to think lahanie ain't all that bright either...i brought him in a few minutes early so i could put on his brand new, shiny, golden, $200, really warm coat that fits him like a glove...i bet it is the first really nice coat he has had in a very long time. he is a dolt too. as soon as he realized the other horses weren't coming in yet, he had a freaking fit and kept whacking me with his freaking big head and knocking my glasses off. don't tell me he has already bonded with them in 24 hrs and can't be out of their sight...sheesh. i led him back outside and tied him to the fence and they all touched noses over the fence, comforting him, while i put his new jacket on.

big baby...but at least he stood rock solid still.

(((mo...i can't get the back stretchy leg straps right so i took them off and left them tied on the sheeps gate for next time you are out. )))

soooo...while the dogs are all sleeping, i say screw the saints laundry tonight and i better get my own mountain done because my vacation is almost over and i don't want to be doing it all on xmas night.

oh and i just remembered something that tickled my of the volunteers (can't remember who) told me that someone they were talking to was thinking of donating to saints....they changed their minds when they read the blog cuz it sounds like i am not very nice to these guys....ok so i insult the little bastards, i call them names like dolt, doorknob and freak, and every single one of them doesn't take me the least bit actions speak way louder than my words and besides...whew, thank god!...they don't know how to read anyway so i am off the hook....tonight percy and lahanie are dorks...but lahanie is quite a handsome dork in his very shiny winter coat.


Carol is ok you guys...i am pretty twisted in what i say...i think it is funny cuz if this blog and what i write speaks for saints....we are royally screwed....oh well... i'm not likely to change....i have always been comes from being a preachers kid.

i accidently horribly offended a couple of stauch catholics at work when i dressed up my sock monkeys into a nativity scene...they could handle monkey virgin mary and monkey joseph and monkey wise men but a monkey baby jesus was not well received.....ooops again.


[Quote]told me that someone they were talking to was thinking of donating to saints….they changed their minds when they read the blog cuz it sounds like i am not very nice to these guys….[Quote]

Obviously they haven't been out to see what your doing out there.....who among us haven't called our dogs...$h!t head or mangy flea bitten dog knows he's loved.....Besides when you consider the alternative these animals would have had.....better to be called a dork then dead...:shock: :shock: :scared: :scared:


oh my god if that person is worried about you than call all the volunteers. i have never seen anyone so commited to their animals than you they love you to bits and you are so good to them all. to know you you have to understand your sense of humor they have the greatest home with you tell that person to come to saints to see what is going on. sheesh i love it there