Rescue Journal

i only had a chance to say 4 little words to laura today...

Carol  ·  Dec. 27, 2008

"here" (as i hand her a dog)..."you are me." and off i went to work.

so laura got to push freaking heavy wheelbarrows thru the gawd damn soppy, heavy snow, laura got to send off half pint to her brand new home (she is now living with albert spice and taffy...BIG YAY!!!!) and laura got to go down to the vet and carry a very sick bridgette back home on her stretcher and settle her back on her mat (with lana's help.)

one of me just doesn't cut it any more.

a huge, huge thank you again! to lynne laura, lana, laura 2 and brianne for taking care of the saints in this absolutely crappy, crappy weather and to steve who kidnapped some poor bobcat guy and made him plow out our driveway!!!!!

so about bridgette...not great news. the vet said her chest is a mess and most definitely life threatening. it is probably not pneumonia and probably not cardiac failure either cuz her rate is good.... there is a ton of fluid in and around her much in fact that her heart is not visible so maybe something is going on there that just can't currently be seen. she THINKS that maybe it is either a very invasive lung cancer or a herniated diaphgram...neither one is very good news.

the current plan is to stop her baytril, but i can restart it at any time if it looks like she is fighting an infection, increase her lasix to 40 mg three times a day and repeat the xrays in 5 days as we might get better views if we can move out some of the fluid. she did aspirate a fluid sample and will send it to the lab for pathology looking for malignant cells.

lots and lots of TLC and cuddles for bridgette while we try to figure this out...such a very lovely and sweet, sweet dog...this could be such a freaking awful drag...but yet again hope floats until it sinks so bridgette we are hoping for all of the best for you now.



I think anger can creep in ... the 1st post is why can't poor Bridgette just be let go , don't understand why drugging her let her go in peace... the next post is all glad to hear you all feel she's OK , guess we all have different standard & levels of quality of life and then insinuates that decisions are made based on what may fit for the decision maker ( Carol) ..... and this is from someone who has not been out to SAINTS & spent a few week-end hours... go ahead & have an opinion, but at least make the effort to have an informed opinion. I hope when Bridgette is better & helping me out in the barns... I will be able to think back & say to her... no worries bridg, not everyone gives up when there is hope. Heal quick Bridg..the fields await you.

Whoo hoo for Half-pint , I just love the spunk in that little package..please bring her back to visit.


Holy crap!!! First of all let me put in a disclaimer here. I regard Carol as friend, one whose opinion I respect. I often ask Carol's advice with my own animals. I respect the work Carol does and most of the time I understand it. I think SAINTS is a unique and special place. Do I always agree with Carol, no and Carol doesn't always agree with me either.

Now to the post. Carol writes her opinions, stories, thoughts on a blog that is open to anyone in the whole wide world to read. The blog has a place for people to make comments. Do you think that only people who read the blog are people who agree with Carol 100% of the time and do you think that only people who agree with Carol should only be allowed to post? Marion expressed an opinion that is different from what SAINTS stands for. She is allowed her opinion and I don't think she expressed her opionion rudely either. Is she figuratively allowed to question Carol (I don't think she was literally questioning Carol)? Yes, figuratively, she is allowed to question Carol on something she has thought about. She may not get the answer she wants though and that is okay too.

We all draw different lines in the sand when it comes to how we regard, treat and view other humans, animals, plants, things from outer space etc. I am not going to even compare myself to SAINTS or the work Carol does. It is like comparing apples to oranges. But just to put a little perspective on Marion's comments, I will tell a quick story. While we were in England, Sheila found out that my sister Deb told our cousin that we (me and Sheila) bring into our home animals that should be euthanized. I think she was refering to Oliver mostly but it could have been some other ones too. Anyway, Sheila told Deb what our cousin had said and made a joke of it. We didn't get pissed at Deb becuase her opinion on quality of life for animals is different than ours. Oliver is still here and nothing has changed because we believe he has quality of life and that is all that counts.

Please don't let anger creep into SAINTS over an opinion. Another thought to think about is if people don't question or offer opinions, we stop questionning ourselves and then things become static and we no longer move forward. I think Marion's comment made Carol question herself from her last post which is good because she is making sure she puts checks and balances on her ways of thinking.



You are certainly entitled to your opinion. The fact that you are here on this blog shows you are a true animal lover and that you care about the wellbeing of animals..kudos for that.

But, based on your comments, its clear you haven't been to SAINTS before. All you have to do is visit SAINTS and you'll understand... Carol and her staff work diligently to give these animals a second chance at life. Whether its running through the 3 acres or being adopted to a new home, these animals are in very good hands. Trust Carol and her staff, they know what they are doing and they do it very well.

My wife and I have adopted 3 dogs from her, Albert, Taffy and Half Pint.... Thank you SAINTS for taking care of our little Saints!


Carol and her staff are true Saints and god bless them for all the time and work that goes into taking care of these precious animals. We were up for a visit last weekend and Laura was told she was going to be Carol for the day so the first thing Carol said to Laura was "show them half pint"....yup it was instant and we are now the proud parents of this little cutie and she's great. Taffy and Albert are still adjusting to the extra munchkin running around but we're getting there slowly but surely. although the house is pretty much at capacity (dogwise) we will continue to adopt dogs from Saints for as long as possible. Heartfelt thought go out to Bridgette......SAINTS ROCKS!!!


When one of the SAINTS Vets says that Carol is going too far to keep an animal alive, and it's time to let go, and she refuses, THAT is when non-professionals and would-be experts opinions might count. Carol is a health care professional who has a great deal of experience with Hospice care as well as pretty much every aspect of human health care. She works in concert with Specialists and several Vets. She doesn't require advice from people who know nothing about which they speak.


you know what marion, if you dont like what we do at saints than do not read it anymore. most people read the blog, not to criticize, but because they love what is going on there and want to know what is going on. it is a fun way to keep in touch with saints and not a message board to condemn what we really know nothing about. those animals are among the greatest loved animals around and i am truly a fanatic a bout what happens to any animals mistreated, i am a letter carrier and so see lots of abuse, and lots of animals on my mail route would love to live a t saints. carol is doing a better than best job there she deserves all the credit that she gets. i am sorry but i get angry when people doubt her when they do not know what is going on.


Wow,kinda takes my breath away. I guess we all have the right to our own voice and opinion but to queston whether Carol has Bridgett's best interest at heart...just doesn't make sense. Carol and the Saint workers make difficult decsions on a daily basis. All regarding the physical and emotional needs of animals that have landed on Saints doorsteps because the rest of the world considers them disposable. I see it every day animals coming into the Clinic at the beginning stages of their illness to be put down. With the right combination of medication they could have a few more positive months at home, maybe even a year or two...but the family doesn't feel comfortable with their illness or the symptoms. Ideally it would be best if they could be at home with their family but unfortunately that choice isn't availible to them. Carol gives them that opportunity, with love, respect and compassion. When their time comes she makes that decsion too, every time.
I love going to Saints! Everyone may have medical issues but every being there simply exudes contentment and happiness. When I get old and cranky I want to live at Saints with all the old four legged farts!!


I've been reading this blog for years and have nothing but respect for Carol, all the people involved with Saints and their decisions.
In my own home I had Shaggy who had cancer but lived another 8 years after her diagnosis, Ole Blue who finally passed at aged 19, and Oscar the cat who lived to age 21. Some times they had bad days but within a week or two they'd be lively and happy once again. If you have that bond with them - there is no doubt you know when they've had enough.
Carol and all the Saints people have that bond too with the animals in their care. There's a difference between giving up on them just because they are aged and knowing the difference that while they may have affirmities they still enjoy their lives and are not ready to go. I'm confident they'll keep doing all they can for Brigette until she lets them know when she's ready.



Well I am glad to hear you all feel she's ok, I guess we all have different standards and levels of quality of life and care. I have read about many animals on this blog and wonder if they would be better off let go. Alas it's your rescue, your choices. I just hope that it's truly in the best interest of the animal as that's what it should be. Not always the easiest decisions to make but it should be what's best for them not us.


Saints is like my second home..I love and care for all the special animals that live there. I personally back Carol 100% in her decisions with the animals in her care and that is because it is all about the animals needs not hers. Yes, Bridgette has been through alot and that is all the more reason she needs us to be there for her. It may be hard to understand for people who have never been to Saints and witnessed the love and happiness these animals experience during their senior years. I can only hope that I as a human receive this kind of care and respect as I age. When the animals decide they are ready to go..Carol listens to them and holds them in her arms as they go peacefully. I hope that we can spend a lot more time with you sweet Bridgette!!!!


dont have this pic of a drugged up kept alive dog that has gone through so much, i dont know where you live but you should come and meet her if you can. she is a very sweet happy girl who i know would love to run around in her chair in the fields. to know bridgette is to know her time is not yet. she has a lot of living to do and believe me when i say she has a great life at saints and a lot more to look forward to.


bridgette is happy marion...she is not suffering in any way yet. there is a difference between "drugging" her and giving her appropriate medications so she can feel well. we can't just nuke her without knowing what is wrong with could be cardiac disease which is managable with cardiac medications, it could be that it is a herniated diaphgram which could be surgically repairable. it could be that she has terminal cancer but even those with terminal cancer can have a good, happy, pain-free life with proper medical care for awhile. i am not about to kill her and steal her life away without knowing that it is in fact her time to go.

we don't euthanize just because they have some kind of disease, everyone here has at least one, and some have a few different ones...we euthanize when life is no longer pleasurable, when it is no longer fun when they are ready to let go of their life because they decide they are done.

it is about their life and what they want... not what makes us feel comfortable with dealing with illnesses, injuries or disease.

our job is to meet their needs, not ours or someone elses.

bridgette could very well be running in the fields next spring in her wheelchair, she might actually be able to chase one of the cats, she might get to one or two of our picnics...she might even get a home...i am supposed to panic and deny her any of that without knowing what is going on?


Why can't poor Bridgette just be let go peacefully? Sounds like she's been through enough. I don't understand why the need to keep drugging her or keeping her alive. Let her be in peace.


i am so glad halfpint has a new home. i met them yesterday and they are great people. especially since they now have 3 saints. hope bridgette is going to be feeling better soon. she will really enjoy the spring and being able to get out so hang in there girl.


Hi Carol,

Merry Christmas to all of you - uprights and furkids.

My heart goes out to Bridgette and I'm sending positive vibes her way. Hope you get to the bottom of what's going on with her. I'm glad she's in good hands at Saints.



Wow, being Carol for a day...those are big boots to fill! Today they definetly needed to be rubber was a winter wonderland when the snow was all light & fluffy, but today it was just wet & heavy what a mess! Well not bad for my first day as Carol, I did an adoption. It was good to see former Saints Albert Spice & Taffy, they sure look great. They looked even better as they sat in the backseat with their new sister Half Pint, who is very fortunate to be going to an awesome home!!
We will have Bridgette in our thoughts & prayers..what a very special girl.
I think I will do my last duty as Carol for the day and retire to my chair surrounded by all my animals and have a BAILEYS!!