Rescue Journal

those little bed guys

Carol  ·  Dec. 28, 2008

cannot be part of my posse...posse's follow the leader...these guys lose their minds and just frantically forge on ahead...they are a freaking swarm.

so last night they are going insane, crawling over top of each other to reach me, stopping and snarling for a quick, fun game of "lets pretend to eat each other alive and then swarm her again." murphy is a doorknob...he is laying in the middle of the bed wanting to play scary mini monster with them cuz it looked like fun but nervous about actually inviting one of those little buggers to latch onto his neck...soooo...

next thing i know, his mouth is chewing on half my pillow! "HEY! that's mine! chew on one of THEM!".... he thought about it for a second and then went to sleep instead.

ok, so he is not totally stupid.