Rescue Journal

waking up in a panic, gives you a headache.

Carol  ·  Dec. 29, 2008

i woke this morning to coughing and quiet gagging...i came out of bed running expecting to find bridgette in distress too full of fluid to breathe anymore...she is fine, happy as a little clam.

chyna is not...there are many, many small little puddles of foaming water on the floor chyna which part of that raggedy anne doll is stuck inside of you? she is off to the vet in a few minutes to get whatever is obstructing her gut out of her. the clinic is going to love me today.

also serena and the babes are going into our other clinic for a couple of days...spay and neuter time finally, and then they are ready for adoption.

fingers crossed that all goes well for all of our saints heading for surgery is always stressful cuz anything could go wrong and i won't relax til they are all home again.

and chyna, eating toys is bad.



Also keeping fingers crossed for all the Saints gang at the vet's today.


Hope all is well with Chyna, obstructions can be scarey. Orla did this to me just before Christmas, she ate something that just wouldn't pass, gotta love those Goldens!!!! She is now sporting a lovely scar from one end of her belly to the other but is otherwise fully recovered. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that Raggedy Ann will find her way out, without surgery!!!