Rescue Journal

ending 2008 on a good note...

Carol  ·  Dec. 31, 2008

murphy has just gone home with laura and lana. i have had yet another of my soul mate black dogs stolen from me but this time he goes to some place wonderful! yay murphy! yay laura!!! yay lana!!! all of you are going to be so happy!!!!!!

(too bad they didn't pick noisebox jewel, that would have made me and the neighbors REALLY happy!...but they did let me win in scrabble.)



oh yay two words close...i was actually thinking of some kind of cloven farm close but no cigar.


A 'shoat' is a recently weaned piglet, so that's probably the word that Carol was thinking of. Or perhaps it was 'sot', a habitual drunk?

Eva Stock

Hi guys;

So happy to hear about Murph. Your twins will be so cool together and you guys are so cool together. Soul mate pairs x 2. And we have more stupid snow. Sorry I cannot join you this am as the boys are on the way here with the 3 cats and Leah is leaving for the states at 5 am tomorrow and I am not sure I will be able to drive anywhere so the cats have to come here!!The boys are quite happy to stay here but an adjustment for the cats. Bandit will wonder what is going on too. Bear Bear and Penny are her nieces but Harley is a rescue from the same trailer park as she and My other cat, Little, their Mom. Little died of cancer almost 6 yrs ago. Sorry I can't make it Carol. I did plan to come down there. Eva


Maybe you can get into STOAT rescue!!!

see ya soon we are going to try and make are way up there...


lol...thank you donna from montana!
she said i was close...the word is is weasel!
i only partially invent new species.


Carol, here's your proof! Soat does exist! LOL


maybe soats are now extinct.... i am sure i read somewhere in my olden childhood reading days of long ago english or european villagers killing and eating soats....someone back me up here!!!!

next time we play, lets do my favorite saintly words.....cuz viola i wanna too.

a gassy murph is a happy and relaxed murph...apparently no adjustment period needed. he is such a very cool dog!


We just rang in the New Year with our Murphy! Buca was sooo excited to see his friend who he has been visiting at Saints. Murph Man made him self right at home.. jumped up on the couch, strectched right out, passed gas and then started snoring. Thanks so much Carol, for being there for Murphy and giving us the privilege of bringing him home.. Don't consider him stolen...he is still part of the family.(Auntie Carol)

Soat is not a word....but blotto does mean intoxicated/drunk!!!!! We for sure need a rematch now!!!


Dear Murphy,

Sorry I'm not there to say hello and introduce myself properly. We'll have to snip each other out someday soon.

I just wanted to say two thumbs way up, Dude. You have hit the mother lode! Thank God we are smarter than the four-leggers, and know exactly what we need in a family. You made a great choice in taking Laura and Lana. They rock!

This is a roo-roo day for you, Murph. Your life got way better when you were returned to SAINTS, which is an awesome place, but you've scored now. Yay you!