Rescue Journal

notes on the folks

Carol  ·  Jan. 6, 2009

the vet did not come this afternoon...i am assuming they had an emergency and hope they are still not coming cuz i don't want to get wet and cold and go back out to the barn.

the kennel cough is just flying thru here...everything shut up and closed tight with the heat on because of the weather. cleo and sissy started coughing today so they are on meds. plus renee's kiwi and murphy with laura and lana have it....this so totally sucks.

i think we have traced it back to chyna...she was the first one coughing after her endoscope. i thought maybe she picked it up from the entubation but nicole says it is more likely a sick dog came into the clinic while she was there.

she and tyra are virtually over it already (tyra just coughed a little bit for less than a day)...jewel is MUCH improved, i don't believe i have heard her cough at all today...chica and lexi are better as is al.. so at least with the meds it appears to be short lived and bacterial vs viral based because the meds are working well and if it was viral, the meds wouldn't have much effect, we would just have to wait for the virus to run its course. there are several different types of kennel cough which is why the vaccine is not always effective.
thank god for small favors and the majority of the dogs appear to be immune (the long termers have been exposed so many times that their immune systems just squish it the second it is detected.)

bridgette just had a pee and a poop, a good long drink, a repositioning and now she is sleeping with her foot over her eye, her blanket pulled up to her chin, and her head on her pillow...very cute!

the dogs are apparently getting irritable during the day, esp. tyra, chyna and fourlane (they are ok in the evening when i get home)...i think they are on top of each other too much right now... inside alot more than usual with this weather and even when outside they are confined to the deep trodden paths for their runs (they ball up as soon as someone stops)

i told renee to separate them out more, get them out of the smaller kitchen and into the more spacious dog rooms. they can take turns in the kitchen, just a couple at a time instead of ten or twelve all watching the food prep which just gets them all excited and testy. doornobs.

dogs are allowed to be in bad moods occasionally but we need to see what is causing it and give them a little extra space to chill out. heck, i get irritable milling around in malls and crowds, i imagine they do too.

anyway, they are fine tonight...A...i make myself become boring and uninteresting when they need to settle and B...they know undue angst and tension just pisses me off. soooo...all of my friends are currently quietly napping and tonight i am quite happy with this.

except....nina...little miss greedy glutton guts is still skulking around the kitchen in search of some of my dinner (which i am not making til she falls asleep too!)

ok...what time will i be safe from a vets late visit? 6:30? 7:00?...i want a soak in a very hot bath!



sounds like what my dog chevy caught while at the vet...turns out wasn't kennel cough...a half bottle of benalin dry cough cough syurp later it was gone....try that maybe it will work for buyin the stuff for dogs at three times the price


Hope you had your hot bath...and..hoping someone remembers to have the vets check out Edith/Sally's back left foot . So far my guys haven't shown any signs of the cough... perhaps the snow worked in my favor & kept me away when it was most contagious ...