Rescue Journal

i am quite worried about 4lane

Carol  ·  Jan. 11, 2009

he has bloody/bile filled diarrhea and he is vomitting. he won't eat today and he is running a temperature. he has a bit of kennel cough but that does not explain why he is crashing so big today. i will get him into the vets first thing in the morning, have changed his abx's and added sulcrate til i can get him in. i sent him in a few weeks ago cuz i was sure something was up with his liver, but the bloodwork came back fine so i thought i was worrying about nothing....maybe not, maybe my gut was right about him.

lynne brought in 5 pizza's for the dogs today...they all really enjoyed the treat. laura and i moved literally a couple of tons of crappy poopy, hay-ie, shavings-ie soggy, goop out of the riding ring. it just about killed me and percy and ellie did not help a heck of alot. some kind of help is no help at all. i can honestly say, it doesn't look much better out there so that just shows you how much more work there is out there. yuck and double yuck again.

maxine is taking her new surroundings in stride...perusing from the safety of her cage bed...she is eating and drinking and peeing and pooping so i am happy about that.

have i said lately that star is turning into a very great dog????

fingers crossed for little 4lane that he can feel much better really soon, poor babe.



It was a great day!....who said you need to waste $$$ on a membership at the gym...just volunteer at Saints!!
I'm sure you've said how great Star is, but it is worth mentioning again & again..because she truly is a GREAT dog who is soaking in every moment of her happy new life!! 4lane for the last little while does not seem like the same dog that arrived...listen to your gut, you know these guys. Sending you positive thoughts & love 4lane...feel better soon.