Rescue Journal one is really coughing much tonight...

Carol  ·  Jan. 12, 2009

a few weak and soft coughs here and there, but much, much better than a few days ago. can we be nearing the end of this dreaded kennel cough episode? fingers crossed, we'll know in a week if no one else comes down with it soon.

4lane had a minor GI more metacam for his sore and painful arthritic foot. he is now on straight tramadol and feeling much better tonight.

spot has 2 sore and swollen back hocks today, the vets are coming tomorrow and they better have a plan for her. this wet sloppy mess is not good for her arthritis and the they told me i can't give her quatrisol anymore because last summer she developed nose bleeds while on it. rescue nightmare number...what? how many cats do we have, 40ish???? ah well.... we will just say nightmare ABCDEF...A is for monkey who arrives tomorrow...B is for the hyperthyroid cat from the pound that i haven't actually had confirmed yet. C is for the diabetic coming from vokra, D is the sexually confused little dear from toronto and E and F are from hook's old alma mater in sask where 70% of the cats never make it out again....a one eyed stray girl, and a stray boy with a damaged and paralysed leg to come off. carrie is currently arranging flights for them and hopefully they will arrive sometime this week.

ok, that's good, we have done our part for now...saints is taking a break from cat admissions once these guys get in til some of our adoptables find a few great great homes. yes we do have adoptable cats right now...if fact we have, babes, young renee jr, and mia, at the very least if someone is not interested in the rest of our wonderful geriatric crew.

great home looking for a great cat?...THINK SAINTS...make room for another desperate one to get in our very reluctant, and over used doors.

cat adoptions, cat adoptions, cat adoptions...hello god???? we need cat adoptions please and thank you.