Rescue Journal

posting (begging) for mo

Carol  ·  Jan. 13, 2009

she is asking for some strong and determined help this weekend to clean up the sheep's under cover loafing area of a ton of wet and soggy hay...gee, sorry to miss sad...i am working and cannot help...... but maybe someone else can???????



WhooHoo thanks for any & all help this week-end, perhaps most of the white stuff will be gone & we can do a clean up of the fields & riding ring too !! but I will be happy with just the Sheeps area if not... again Thanks

Francesca Wilson

Hi Mo/Carole
Don and I will be out on Sunday to help with any soggy messes you assign us.


leave my freaking pink princess alone....and how come all the staff, several volunteers and a touring visitor got to see inside that freaking locked door today and i am still waiting????


[QUOTE] EMMA....."I Will Grill them First"

I don't know about you wanna grill cats????N their yur first choice....I don't know about you.....but that damn pig would be first on my list......:)...:0.....Did I say that out loud...😕....Damn I hate when I type in my inside voice


I've just sent out a number of e-mails to friends and will send some out to clients about cat adoptions Carol. I've told them I will grill them first as to suitability and then refer to you. Serious enquiries only and I can do home visit if you like if I don't know the person.


oh...take dixie chick off the adoption pages...i adopted her when hook died, she;s mine...frodo too... he got julie's place with me, but he's mine too...soo....36 feline saintly cats are a possibilty.....even better.


i looked...still missing maxine,brandy and the diabetic...51...if serena and babes can get a home, and if that lovely young renee jr can get a home...that takes us down to 44...mia, is so great...a home for her is 44, webster is cool...43.....shilo is exotic....42...sadie is old as crap but gosh she is lovely...41...clara would be nice in a single cat home...40.....maxine should be good when she gets a big enough cat box....39...bitsy is adorable...38...i can live with 38 if we have too.
cat adoptions, cat adoptions...we need 13 stellar cat adoptions to stop my freak out please.


oh...sorry re-read, it includes the new incoming...still...freaking out anyway...our cat max is supposed to be 35 with the felv's!!!!!!


i knew i was freaking right to be freaking right freaking out, i wasn't actually counting for a very good reason...ignorance is bliss. om freaking god...this doesn't even include monkey, maxine, brandy, winter, diablo, lynx or whatever the diabetic cat's name is...does it????? shit.


carol, please don't fall off your chair, but with the new incomings out total # of cats is 48.

i've updated the cat page but only with small pics, i'll do their full pages tomorrow night. i've got some of the new ones up on petfinder but not all.


i'll be out on saturday, will try and make it there early (for real). will bring my wellies, actually i think they're out there.