Rescue Journal

maude is not great

Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2009

she started going downhill again yesterday, her temp is back up and her O2 sat rate is down. the vets had given her both baytril and a long acting abx injection last guess is the injection is wearing off and the oral baytril is just not cutting it alone now.. she went back into the vets today and now is on 4 different oral antibiotics...baytril once a day, flagyl, amoxicillin and clavimox three times a day. tonight she still is not good. i am to phone the vet tomorrow to update, if she is still down, we wiill try a couple of days of steroids. maude is about 16 now...not a good time in any elderly life to develop aspiration pnuemonia. fingers crossed that the diva soon returns.

4lane is also not weathering his GI bleed storm very well...the bleeding has stopped but his appetite has not yet returned, he is quite low right now too. 4 lane is on flagyl and sulcrate three times a day and baytril once a day plus gravol prn an hour before we try to feed him or give him meds.

we moved most of the dogs out of the main part of the house today. jack and cole moved over to the mp room to their mutual delight. chyna, star, and jewel moved over to the big dog room. star and jewel didn't stay there for long...they are currently in my room because jewel the not to be denied ten ton torpedo, crashed thru the gate separating my room from their room. star hit my bed and not even i can make a half starved neglected dog who looks so pleased, get off again. and well...moving a torpedo who doesn't want to move, just doesn't happen i guess.

now the cats have the back 2 rooms, the kitchen and the big cat room, mostly to themselves...just sickie maude, tyra, buddy, sissy, molly, nina and squirt and none of them the least bit interested in whatever the cats want to do. monty and tiger woods and harrison have already moved back into the big cat room, conan has poked around a bit and tried out the couch, tang and mango have moved back in and renee is laying by the open door trying to decide if she wants to come in too.

it is not that any of the dogs were ever mean to them, they were just freaking loud and excited sometimes...the cats are quite glad that the chaos creators have moved elsewhere and now they can have room to move around more AND a little peace.

este was glad chyna moved over, they have already been playing in there together again. that is nice to see. and while i am not exactly happy that jewel the noisy hysteric is enthoned in my room, i guess i will have to deal with that....better me than the cats i suppose...i can tell her to shut the hell up and she actually sometimes listens to me!

busy day tomorrow, i have lots to do...winter and diablo arrive late tomorrow night and i hope they do ok with the whole travelling thing. luckily carrie is flying to get them tomorrow morning. westjet no longer flies animals by cargo unless a passenger is on board so i stuck the flight on my fake plastic money card...i am glad i did...i won't worry about them getting lost so much now.

well...we are down a full staff person tomorrow since carrie is flying to saskatoon for the day, and renee has her driving test so is off at noon so she and lane and i need to kick ass until then. if we get it all done...i am thinking a quiet afternoon in bed with a bunch of crazy old dogs might be kind of ok....or maybe i can trick steve somehow and have a look at a certain off limits to me new room.

good luck carrie, good luck winter and diablo...good luck renee...and good luck me trying to sneak a peek in the not icky or doorless room.

4lane and maude honey...please feel better soon.



Poor 4Lane...Carol, I know you know drugs and their combinations better than I, but I just remembered that when my Bee was really nauseous, chlorpromazine was very helpful for the nausea when nothing else worked. Just a thought..


Come on, Maudie. You are starting to scare the people who love you. You are tough enough to blow off this infection and go back to being your wonderful bitchy self.


Sure you can sneak a peak...probibly on monday when Im done...the big hold back is I have to wait for paint to fully dry between coats.....Im having short days cause of the paint...but will break my no working weekends rule....just cause i know your will be worth the wait...::):