Rescue Journal

best laid plans of airlines...suck.

Carol  ·  Jan. 15, 2009

it wasn't a great nights sleep....A.. peluchie and chica had to react every time they saw someone moving around in the big dog room...i could have taken out the child gate and closed the door but i wanted them to feel sort of like they were almost in my bedroom....and has NO concept of personal space...she just flops herself down on one of your body parts and sighs in deep contentment. trying to actually achieve sleep status with suction cups AND an anchor is getting a bit tough.

carrie just phoned...she got to abbotsford airport and they cancelled her flight...they re-booked her on a flight out of vancouver so now she is rushing down the number one trying to get to vancouver before that 9 am take off...grhhhhh. what a freaking stupid way to run a freaking airline.... not happy with west jet today. poor carrie....i will email the PA spca and let them know her arrival is slightly delayed.

maude is still too quiet, 4lane is still asleep, cats are moving around, here and there and back again all around me.

please god make things go ok for carrie and winter and diablo today and perk maudie and 4lane up. (and let renee do ok on her driving test too!)