Rescue Journal

hannah banana has passed away

Carol  ·  Jan. 15, 2009

i had an email from the pacific palisades hotel today that sadly hannah became quite ill and passed away recently. she not only was a very great dog, but she is one of the few cinderella, rags to riches stories, that are actually really true.

rest in peace many of us were inspired by you.



that did not sound good. i did not mean i was happy to the ending of her life, l meant she had a happy life in the end. i correct myself. and carol whatever you wear you will look fine. good luck to all those going and it is great news about doing something in hannah memory.


Hannah was one of a kind. She made a lot of friends in her position of Hotel Greeter.
Goodbye Hannah, you were a very good dog.


good for her,tho, she did have a fairytale ending. from the pound to the hotel, she had quite the life. i am sorry to hear that she is gone, but happy for the ending to her life. maybe we can send them jewel she would make a great greeter. lol