Rescue Journal

saints welcomes winter and diablo

Carol  ·  Jan. 15, 2009

what absolutely and totally and completely lovely, lovely cats. i can't tell if winter even still has an eye in there, she basically just has an open, gaping, weeping, white socket. and diablo doesn't have a paralyzed leg...he has an old untreated and completely shattered wrist that has folded over itself so he weight bears on the bent wrist instead of his foot. i wonder if instead of amputating we can surgically re-fracture and pin and plate it all back in proper alignment so he can walk better with it.

they have happily had some canned food, some salmon and temptation treats and both have rolled around with their new catnip toys so they both seem content with their new temporary cages and beds at least.

maude is a little bit better tonight and so is little 4lane. squirt got a beautiful grooming by lane's mom and looks adorable.

and i got to see the new BEAUTIFUL room...steve took pity and let me see but only because he had the doors off for painting....all i can say is .....WOW!

oh...and we had a new vet stop by today, she is willing to join our medical team and has the time to come up here periodically to do health rounds and see several of our animals at a time. this is something i have wanted to do for awhile. we will still use our other vets for illness and surgeries, but this is more of a preventative health measure to catch things before they get big.

all is well tonight and i am off to bed, tomorrow we have to get started really early around here with everyone's care because we have to leave for vancouver by 9 am and all of the basic cleaning, feeding, and meds have to be done before we leave.



can you send me an email computer has onging issues and for some reason won't accept the address when i type it in and i can't cut and paste (cut and paste failure is my lack not the computers)
anyway if you send an email, i can just hit reply and that usually works ok for me.


I was really inspired by Hannah's story.
I'm a freelance writer (we met briefly at the work day last spring) and I sometimes write for the Westender. I was wondering if it might be a good idea to write an obituary column for Hannah. It would promote Saints and the adoption of senior animals and may help Pacific Palisades fundraising. (Coincidentally, I worked briefly at Pacific Palisades in the restaurant in 2006.)

I can pitch the article to the WE and although I'm in Toronto now, I'd be happy to do some phone interviews and write the obit if needed.

You can reach me on catherineland2 at yahoo dot ca


the staff were very attached to hannah and her death was a really difficult loss for them, the hotel was great tho and brought in grief counsellors to help them thru it. she was very well loved...lucky girl.


Nice to hear that your Maude is a bit better.

Relax, and have an enjoyable brunch and chat with the hotel staff tomorrow.

And I am very very sorry to hear about Hannah. ( I remember her )But wowzers, did she ever get lucky with landing at SAINTS, and then on to a wonderful crew of people who I am sure treated her with the love and devotion she deserved.

Please give her caretakers my heartfelt condolences on her passing.