Rescue Journal

our big urban adventure

Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2009 outfit...i had the black dress pants, the skimpy little black socks that are USELESS at keeping feet warm, the black leather casual slip on shoes..i reached for the bra...and i can do.

rewind....on went a fairly new pair of nice black jeans, a pair of puffy warm socks, a turtle neck, and my army green very warm down filled vest with lots of handy little pockets....i was going to stick with the shoes cuz i was going into the city but they looked stupid so on went my lace up winter boots and poof, the carol i know and am familiar with was back in my comfortable shoes...whew.

we did get lost about ten times within a one block radius of the hotel and i did have to turn my well used and abused van over to the nice parking man but i gave him a $10 tip so i am hoping he forgot to be traumatized.

the meeting went GREAT, they were all so nice and kind and had all these really wonderful and creative ideas. and if i ever had any doubts about what hannah truly meant to all of them....well i never did but now i never will either.

it was one of those days when you just know, someone big is watching over those you love. i think this upcoming month of february is going to be a month that changes us all.