Rescue Journal

mr. little big head

Carol  ·  Jan. 20, 2009


so how is he doing anyway in his recovery from traumatized caged puppy mill stud?

at this particular moment he is laying on my lap with his chin on my knee watching joey eat. he just finished burning off his zoomies which is unusual this early cuz normally he likes to sleep in.

his accepted list of friends is growing...he recently added kathy and brenda to his "you can pick me up and kiss me" club. i am not even sure any more how many friends he now actually has...almost enough for a facebook group i bet!

his grooming was interesting because this time when lane's mom did his feet...he actually bit. now most folks would think this was bad but in squirt's case it is good. up until now, he has been totally passive with anything and that was because he was just too small inside and vulnerable to protest against scary things.

he is growing bigger, he is developing a stronger personality, he finally feels enough personal power to say..."F... off, don't touch my freaking feet"

i love you squirt, good dog!

we'll work on polite ways to say "" next.


Chris T

That is great! I am so happy for Squirt! It is so amazing when they are able to heal from their traumas. Good work everyone!