Rescue Journal

the last hurrah

Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2009

someone must have told the saints that their easy to open fridge was being replaced today cuz they broke in and had a feast.... a full left over pizza, renee's lunch and whatever else they happened to find in there. suzie ate so much, it looked like she swallowed a cantalope. when i saw her at lunch she just laid on the dog bed with her head down and her bloated belly looking like an overstuffed baby beached whale. luckily carrie took her life in her hands and wrestled away suzie's last piece of pizza...i am sure if she had managed to stuff it down, there is no way she could have survived. i am hoping they can't open the new fridge (it is quite nice)..not that it matters cuz there ain't much food left in there anyway.

lots of farting going around in here today.

winter had the rest of her collapsed eye out, the lids removed and it all stitched up. we decided she just would be more likely to find a home if her eye socket was closed. sorry winter to put you thru the surgery but you deserve every single chance to get you a very great home.

diablo's foot is not a fracture...nerve damage from something...congenital or injury. there is no repairing it and i am not sure if they are going to leave it alone or take it off..i guess i will find out tomorrow. he still has a couple of baby teeth. so diablo is still very young. he is a big cat now...when he is finished growing and filling out, he is going to be HUGE!

star has put on a whole 3 pounds in 6 weeks...come on star, jewel and copper can pack on weight 10 times as fast as you!

i discovered at lunch that some idiot dog, stepped in poop and then jumped on my you have any idea how hard it is to change the sheets with al, joey,chica, cuddles, star and phoebe all trying to help you? jeez you guys, it ain't all that freaking fun!

it smells in here tonight...there is old pee hiding somewhere that we can't find...tomorrow i am ripping the place apart til i find pee is safe from me.

soooo, since the little gluttonous, thieving bastards ate the left over pizza...what am i going to eat for dinner tonight??????