Rescue Journal

quick notes

Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2009

we got some major cleaning done today, which is good because we are short staffed tomorrow.

winter is home, she is on pain meds and abx and gets her sutures out in 2 weeks.

bad news on diablo...they had to take the entire leg, right up to and including the scapula. there is a cyst on the bone, good possibility that it was cancerous. since the leg is useless, there was no point in biospy and then waiting and possibly doing another surgery if it came back positive. apparently even if negative, it could change down the road and we would be unlikely to see it changing with increased pain because he has no feeling there anyway.

it was safer in the long run for him just to take it off. he will stay at the vets for a few days on good IV pain meds and maybe might be home by the weekend. they said he was wonderful to work with, didn't even need sedation for the xrays, just rolled over and let them get their views.

only colby was fully cleared of ringworm...sigh, a couple of more weeks of treatment...slowly and surely we will get thru this with them...altho, they may be past the highly adoptable age by the time we get there. oh well, some things you just can't rush or control...they came from very hard times, they can take all the time they need to forever put it all behind them.

bella the bunny goes into the vets tomorrow, she has a bit of snuffles? hopefully with some baytril, she will feel better really soon.

that's all the news i can think of, i am brain dead and tired tonight...too early of a morning i guess combined with too much worry lately about the animals.