Rescue Journal

say a prayer for sparkles

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2009

she went down this morning but she is up again right now...looked like colic, the vets came and she is running a raging fever and her bowel is twisted. the way he explained it old horses the bowel twists, necrosis/infection sets in and they die within a day or so.

there is a slim possibilty it may untwist itself..he has given her IV abx and pain meds and will do another internal later this afternoon...if she is better and the bowel untwists, maybe we dodged this bullet...if not, he will have to euth. as there won't be any hope left, she is too old to even attempt the surgery.

i hate old horse rescue....but i love you sparky-girl...we need a small senior horse miracle please god.