Rescue Journal

i have finally made it into the house for the night.

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2009

i did have a three hour break for dinner with my daughters and their partners (they both showed up to pick me up cuz my brakes are gone on the van and i can't get it into the shop til next wednsday..i just had them completely done 6 months ago but have been hauling way too heavy loads lately)

there are several emails from families wanting to surrender senior dogs and babies, incontinence, and seniors with senior dogs with disabilities that they are physically unable to care for anymore. it is sad.

i also had a call from ace of hearts in california...she read me off her list of senior dogs up for euth in the next couple of days...i didn't count but there were twin sister labs from a senior who died, 2 bonded senior shepherds surrendered to high kill, several small elderly dogs...the list went on and on.....i said ok as a last resort, last minute rescue to a 16 yr old pointer, a 14 yr old shep, a 14 yr old shitz-head and a 10 yr old blind JRT...hopefully some or all will get pulled moments before euth by other shelters...there are alot of groups down there working hard to save these guys but there are just too many...again, it is so sad.

and just to make sure life for the rescuers at saints is pushed to the max. we took in temporarily from CAC a blind, newly diagnosed diabetic dog. hopefully they can find another rescue or a foster home to take her on because she cannot stay in the kennels unattended as her diabetes is not stabilized yet. her name is dusty and she is absolutely lovely and sweet.

and while we were there...i did a VERY BAD thing...i saw a little jagdterrier cross who reminded me of clyde so much it hurt.... (except she is nice and NOT a freak).... so i brought her home too. she is NOT good with cats so everyone keep that dog away from the cat areas but other than that, she is a sweetheart too. oh well...i am entitled to weaken once in awhile and indulge my own long lasting pains... clyde is still hurting me so badly that i guess i needed to help her to help me too. her name is cleo and she makes me feel better cuz every once in awhile as i catch sight of her out of the corner of my eye, and i see clyde not so far away....funny how long we grieve.

apollo, diablo and winter have moved into the medical recovery pens..gosh they are happy and comfortable...that is nice to see too.

the electrician was here til just a few minutes ago...he said it took longer than it should because he had to stop working and schmooze with the animals...i like that a lot too. we made a TON of laundry today and i have not done ANY this evening cuz I was out with my kids...i better get cracking on it and move it all thru, it is going to be awhile before i get to bed tonight.

ace of hearts just sent photos of the 4 dogs at high risk....i sent them to nicole, maybe she will post them so you can be as upset as do these poor ancient wrecked dogs end up in such sad and scary places?????

and i just opened an email from someone offering to give us 10% of the proceeds from their multiple breeders site as a donation to help dogs in need (they are wanting to help one american rescue and 2 canadian)...i had to politely decline, it was nice of them to offer...but 475 animals a day killed in LA county... with fluke, stoney, ramon, and franklin to be stuffed into the next daily dead bins... there is no way saints name is going onto any breeders site ever...too many homeless dying dogs with no where to go to be breeding even more.

it is already a daily massacre.