Rescue Journal

the three faces of............

Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2009


so by now everyone knows that i like twisted funny dogs. i especially like tiny twisted funny dogs who tell the rest of the world where it can go. surprise that i adore suzie..the land shark.

she flies thru those fields like saints queen bee. it never even occurs to her that she is much smaller than some of our bunnies and maybe she shouldn't be quite so brave.

she has attacked percy who weighs about 995 pounds more than she does...he could swallow her whole or send her flying like a fat little foot ball.

she has no respect for the big and tough dogs and quite frankly are not only they quite in awe and respectful of her but so are most of the humans too.

deb and angelina were here last night...deb hadn't met suzie yet so i said "pick her up." as soon as deb's hands got close, the shark started snarling, so deb stood up and pulled her hands back to safety and the shark started doing her "come hither innocent human" dance to entice one more try. she wags her little tail, she turns around and shows off her not so scary bum...and she is looking back out of the corner of her eye for that hand to try it again.

the shark is FUNNY as they come....she is a nasty but very comical chi. we have visitors and i am sitting down and she comes trucking along the back of the couch and perches on my shoulder like she is a freaking parakeet...she is giving sweet little kisses and making baby whiny/grunting sounds.

the parakeet is pretty freaking FUNNY too.

soooooo...just a few minutes ago, she is sitting on my lap and chyna and star come over for a cuddle from me...suzie starts to snarl, they politely turn their heads but don't actually move...she flies into a total screaming rage and launches herself right at chyna's head. chyna's steps back rather quickly and suzie hits the floor and mid snarl she starts hacking out her lungs because she put way too much effort into her killing rage for one fat little old chi.

and the third face of suzie is born....the geriatric, wheezing, pain in the ass who KNOWS she can beat the crap out of that shar pei as soon as she can breathe.

apparently BIG dogs come in little bodies.


Chris T

Molly does her shark attack routine with the big dogs. If she has food as soon as they come near her she starts to growl and then 'attacks.' They have all learned that she is crazy. They don't know that she has no teeth and we all promised not to tell them. Molly is also great when we have guests over who are not overly enthralled of the male members of our household (think Tucker and Kiefer here) who don't have manners. Just stick Molly on the guest's lap and she keeps the others away! Tucker may be deaf but he can read 'crazy!'


that demon chickie-poo never actually bit anybody...she just liked to stand in her bed and make those enraged exorcist possessed noises....with her freaky hair all askew and very occasionally actually bestir herself to put the run on some poor terrorized soul....with humans she was a cuddle was seeing big dogs wander by that got her knickers in a chicklet-knot.


i have since seen chicklet, she does not snap anymore, she is quite the queen bee in her home. she has put on weight and is very cute and very happy. she landed in a good home.


Suzie reminds me of Chicklet, not to look at obviously, just the snapping part!!