Rescue Journal

it was a less than stellar day

Carol  ·  Feb. 2, 2009

the water got was the shop toilet running continuously that drained the system dry. steve put in new thingamaginies and now it works again fine.

squirt sustained a slight head injury and a few hours later had his first and so far only, minor seizure. carrie had propped the broom up against the counter and it fell over with the handle hitting squirt in the head. he cried, we ran and comforted him and thought all was fine...apparently not, his little brain got bruised, he must have a very soft head. i guess maybe that's a risk with puppy mill dogs...soggy skulls. anyway, he is fine but we will be really careful with mops and brooms around him from now on.

we were short staffed again today so once again i did not get to the year end stuff for the accountant...not my fault, the staff are conspiring against me.... i will tell joanne to blame them instead.

jewel is an absolute hag and not a very good sport either...the hay delivery came today along with a large and VERY COOL sleeveless harley davidson jean jacket. it was perfect for jewel except she is a cow and tried to rip off our faces when we tried to stuff her in it. fine jewel, you could have looked hip and happening instead of like a legless tubby torpedo freak. now it is too late cuz i am going to give it to este, she will like it for sure and she will be way cooler than you.

eddy had all of his teeth out today, he is still at the vets for monitering and pain control. hopefully he can come home tomorrow.

so far, fingers crossed, brandy has been out of his cage all fighting, no being an ass... he has tried to mind his P's and Q's.

that's it...all the time with the bedroom crew, they are tired of waiting for me.

ooops more news...i just had an email from far 2 of the 4 dogs i have agreed to take as a last resort have been adopted at the ninth hour...ha ha, kai says i am good luck cuz whenever they ask and i say yes...boom they get adopted...all of the last set made it out ok too. glad i am good for something down there.


Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole
Just to say Marie and i will be out tomorrow (Wednesday), about 10:30 am.
Take care


i am so glad those dogs got adopted. maybe you are good luck for them carol keep it up. by the way if you have too much laundry i can pick it up tomorrow and take it to elaine. it will not be till the afternoon maybe put it in bags for me. ihave a cool pic of renee with jed. i will bring it by for her.

cheryl and stef

So that is what she was trying to do Rip our faces off, I thought she was just happy to see us with that great jean jacket and was making sure that we did not let any of the other dogs take it from her...hahahah Oh well I think Este will appreciate it much more.