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explaining something

Carol  ·  Feb. 3, 2009

i received this really kind email offering to help with the cost of transporting the california dogs to saints so i thought maybe i better explain.

the transport costs will be around $800...there is no way in famine, tighten thy belt times that i can justify bringing in two dogs from LA when we are already overburdened and struggling and expect saints to pay.

fluke and stony SHOULD stay and live or die in california because we have enough on our plates. but here is the rub...

i am basically saints. and that means that i put saints interests before all other interests and when times are tough, i take care of business here as efficiently and responsibly as i possibly can.

like...foregoing rescueing death row dogs from LA.

except...not only am i saints..i am also carol hine the bleeding and sometimes not really thinking heart. and 475 animals dying a day down there really bugs me alot.

so somehow i have to make congruent these two vastly differing parts of me...the guardian of all that everyone trusts me with at saints and the weak freak who just has to do something...even something pitifully small like taking that number down for one day only to 473.

so this is how i figure it....i pay for their transport that gets them here to safety. i give up more of my life to care for them and more of my space to live with them and more of my teetering sense of security and balance and i keep them from getting killed.

and yes they will eat saint's donated food and their medical care will go on saint's vet bill but at least i offer something back in repayment for the gift that saints is about to give to them and to me which is hopefully seeing them alive and happy.

maybe it sounds stupid, maybe it is just another way for me to justify but somehow it is important to me that i don't expect carol's freaking bleeding heart to get a free ride.



A free ride? Come on, Carol. Those of us who care about SAINTS will forever be in your debt for what you do. Welcome to Fluke and Stony.

PS Steve's comments break me up!


Sorry can't save the world....maybe just your little piece of it....whats next....I hear there's a herd of abused alpacas in peru........Load up the truck....Road Trip


Shouldn't have to justify Carol for saving two beautiful dogs. Whether they're in Canada or the States they still need your help. Wonderful faces they have I hope I get to meet them!


Carol - I received an email from someone asking about Shilo ( I sent an email out about Shilo to my vet earlier today ). Should she contact you by phone or e-mail?? She currently has an 11 year old non territorial kitty .