Rescue Journal i was mistaken.....

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2009

marty is still an ass. i woke up to the gawd awful sound of a really nasty, rolling cat fight in progress. screaming as you leap and run works well on non-deaf dogs but does diddly squat for cats. there are drops of deep wound blood, there are chunks of fur with tiny bits of flesh attached, and there is now marty back in a freaking cage and a bunch of thankful, freaked out, saints cats....they are all thinking "who the hell brought that bezerking son of a bitch attila the cat-hun in here?"
i can identify the fur and flesh as his....but who owns that dark deep bite blood? bastard. if his eyes weren't so wide with the violent terror within himself, i would be really freaking mad.

i had to put him in monkeys empty cage because his cage is currently occupied with star curled up sound asleep in his small stuffy cat bed....why the hell is she sleeping in there anyway and how did she snooze thru that????...(oh...i know...she is a lazy sod who i suspect has dog-narcolepsy.)

i am thinking i should do a full body check on conan, he looks the most upset.

that was a crappy way to start the day at 4 rescue already freaking sucks today.