Rescue Journal

and several thousands of dollars later...

Carol  ·  Feb. 5, 2009

todays vet reports...

skye is still with us...continues with bloody diarrhea. i don't expect to even be considering her ready to leave the clinic before next week.the vet feels she may benefit from a plasma transfusion but he called to let me know it alone would cost another $350 and it was sort of the cadillac, no holds barred expense in treating parvo. i talked to mo and really, like she 8 weeks of age, we have to give her every single opportunity for survival that we can.

toby is still with us....the vet felt more antibiotics, a higher protein diet like AD and a fluid push might bump him back up for awhile.

pat is cleared and booked for full dental extractions next week...and mosley will be going in for the same. i was kind of confused last week when she said his mouth was fine but she felt a chest mass and wanted to do xrays. i wasn't here during his examination and apparently the cats got mixed up and it was tikki that she actually saw...too many grey tabbys...hey, too many solid greys, solid blacks for anyone but me to keep straight as to who they really are. i will keep that in mind from now on. at least i know now what caused tikki's sudden decline.

anyway...we looked at mosley's mouth again today because i was sure it was sore and it is. the vet feels even tho it is a risk for an FeLV cat to undergo such a surgery, the benefits might really increase his quality of life for quite awhile...soooo...ok.

diablo and winter had their sutures out. star had her MASSIVE surgery...a spay and ALL of her mammary glands removed...both sides. she is still dopey and sleepy and will stay at the clinic and hopefully go home with colleen tomorrow.

dusty is home, her blood sugars are still too high, so they basically doubled her dose and we will see how she does.

apollo's blood sugars kept climbing today...we started at 15 and ended at 22 so we increased his insulin dose too.

monkey is still very ill. if not better by tomorrow, she will have an esophageal feeding tube put in...the mouth ulcers are caused by the calcivirus (which is better than kidney disease) but she is really suffering thru the forced feeding.

the vet tech students were here today and seemed to have a good time again.

too much medical worry lately...i am emotionally BAGGED today.



I'm gonna pick some mal people pockets to try & help with Sky....poor little muffin :(

Eva Stock

Yike!! Vet bills++. Hope O'Grady is doing better. Have missed being there I'll tell you. Eva