Rescue Journal

quick updates.

Carol  ·  Feb. 8, 2009

este had her movie afternoon with dawn and is going for a sleepover next weekend.

cole, cleo, suzie, cuddles, lexi, and jack (plus roxie, levi, and gwen) had a late movie date with me and mo.

sydney (one of serena's kittens) got a home today.

izzy is adopted and moves to her new home later this week.

chyna is still doing great in her new home.

skye is quieter this afternoon but she had some great cuddle time with angelina.

lucky is doing well here.

lots of help today, a few visitors, i am tired so i better go check malapup, and the diabetics and then i want a really hot bath.tonight i have to sleep cuz i am back to work tomorrow...not much of a vacation but at least i wasn't bored.



also yeh for este hope dawn lo ves her to bits. she is quite the sweet girl.


i did not know anyone was looking at izzy. good for her. where did she go