Rescue Journal

sick day today

Carol  ·  Feb. 11, 2009

i woke up and i am not moving all that well...weird because it is my upper back/shoulders and left knee...go figure... (the knee is my biggest freaking well hurts.) ah well, i guess a life without arthrotec is just a pointless dream. i will start it again and feel better tomorrow.

lucky is lumbering around looking for her toys...i can't help her much right now because they are under the dog beds and i can't bend that way......this whole getting old thing royally sucks.

ahhh well...i wanted a bed day anyway. we have full staff here today so i guess i will take some meds and go back there and wait til the pain goes away. this won't be happening in the hideaway suite tho because getting up and down the stairs is going to be too difficult. my real bed will have to do but it might be kind of busy in there....good thing i don't have a headache too!

first things first.... i have to go give the insulins and clean up and medicate little skye, then when the staff get here i can disappear for awhile.

ohhh, the bed buddies are gonna be so happy!



Take the book The story of Edgar Sawtelle with you , I can't imagine a better place to read that book than hanging out with a canine crew... OK possibly a feline or 2 as well.

and OMG is Skye adorable... I can't stop going back & looking at her picture...