Rescue Journal

percy's loss of innocence

Carol  ·  Feb. 11, 2009

i did get a rest so my knee is somewhat better tonight altho i won't know for sure til the pain meds wear off.

the hoof guy came for spot...she has another foot abcess. this has been an ongoing problem for her, he used to treat her for the same thing in her previous home. he cut it open again and applied medication. he has attached another wooden block to her hoof to help remove the pressure and keep it draining. hopefully it will heal once and for all this time.
while he was here, i said he might as well do percy's feet too. i missed this first part which i wished i got to see but i was busy not feeling so great. percy LOVES machinery. he loves trucks and backhoes and apparently he loves robotsized cow foot trimming trailers too. i can imagine his actual glee as he was allowed to approach and inspect this god-like treasure machine.

that poor little innocent babe walked right in on his very own.

i went out to see him just as they were done. they had loosened the lifting straps and set him back down. his front knees gave way beneath him and he laid there stunned in disbelief. humans had always been so fun and kind, humans had always had really good things for him to try to eat....jackets, cameras, truck bumpers and mirrors.

but apparently humans also had monsters that lifted him up with straps and robot arms and grasping things that attack his precious feet and he just freely offered himself up like some stupid sacrificial cow.
he is devastated, he has been betrayed...ahhh percy honey baby, i am so sorry....

.....but your feet look nice, tidy and clean.

star's pathology came back...she has cancerous cells in all tissue samples, mammary, uterine and lymph nodes too. star is palliative care now, thank god she is living with our vet, she will have everything and anything for comfort as soon as she shows even a second's need.

mosley has gone to the vet for his surgery tomorrow. renee junior is back from the vet and doing ok today. pat is still recovering from his difficult surgery. winter'e eye incision is opening, so she is to stay on her antibiotics and be re-checked next week. maude is clear of her pneumonia but i hear she relentlessy fussed like only a true drama queen can thru her last xray. and skye is still pooping loose stools. i talked to the vet, we will leave it for a couple of more days and then if not better, i am to bring in another fecal sample.

good thing we were full staffed, plus angelina came out to help us too..... i was pretty useless and they were all pretty busy keeping on top of everyone here and then telling me about it afterwards.