Rescue Journal

when you are just have to wait for up.

Carol  ·  Feb. 13, 2009 am currently waiting....still trying to figure things out in the best way for saints. the last three medical bills on the animals vet stuff are posted on our accounts now...skye, pat and mosley have shifted us up to over $18,000 6 weeks?...that is just nuts.

this has pretty much totally freaked me out since after wages and the receiver general cheque, we are pretty much broke. then the book keeper sent me the WCB bill today too and that is another $600.

we are going from bad to worse and really quickly too so i have been polling the board of directors today and so far everyone i have spoken with agrees...the emergency least the decision is made, i will pull it on monday and clear off the bills. and hopefully we can then make it thru for awhile without so much worry and stress.

i have cut all the staff hours and reduced one full time position equivalent fom the payroll. i might still have to cut further but i need to ensure that the animals still get all of the care that they need.

someday, maybe this whole rescue thing will get easy...someday maybe, i will get better at all of the things involved, someday maybe i won't make my self sick with worry...but someday is just not here yet....maybe we aren't ready....maybe we still have more to learn.

quite frankly i am entirely sick of the whole rescue learning curve, a 20 yr program is quite long enough...hello life instructors....i just want to graduate and get into doing everything well.

carrie is organizing a pub night at the Mission 14th Ave Pub in late keep that in mind and if you aren't busy, please plan on coming and watching me drink myself under the table while bemoaning my fate as a this is not so fun rescuer (it should only take a beer or two cuz even my drinking ability ain't all that great either) ought to be amusing and worth the 20 bucks...i don't think i ever have been seems like a good time to try.

kathy sent me an email...cuddles is doing good (yay!!! they let him sleep on their bed!!!!)...she said he really misses me tho...shit, that makes me even more want him back home....ahhh well again...another regret....but this one damn well be the right one for him...i want him to be so over the top happy with every single minute of the rest of his life.

i am trying to think of a funny...skye did some cute things today and so did maude but i don't feel like laughing and having fun in rescue tonight so i will leave them for a better day.

sorry... this is such a thoroughly depressing post...i think i better go share some ice cream with the greedy beasts....they will like that.