Rescue Journal

muddling thru

Carol  ·  Feb. 14, 2009

quite the poop fest this morning...if it is a harbringer of what is to come, i shudder to think what is waiting for me from dusty and skye in the mp building... they still both have the runs.

some idiot dog who does not value their life put a puncture tooth hole in my beloved tyra's side..i am assuming it is phoebe because her OCD with getting any kind of attention from tyra..... is driving tyra nutz. she has asked me to PLEASE nuke that irritating psycho-red-flea..i told her i would think on it.

izzy goes home this morning, her new name is gabby. she really is a sweet little dog...clyde's look-a-like- but-isn't-clyde got her happy ending. funny, she stopped reminding me of clyde almost immediately...probably because she is a nice dog, not one all messed up in the head.

phoebe, the royal pain in the ass, got her pathology report back...nothing terminal...just an absolutely disgusting looking wart....i was right, her darkness is starting to pop out thru her pores.

the last week or two has been stressful in trying to figure out the needs of both skye, daphne and their previous surrendering/foster families. we have resolutions for both of these guys now...but it has been tough wading thru all of the emotional things. bottom line...they both are staying here with me until i decide what their new lives need to be.

this takes a lot of pressure off of me because now i can freely talk about them like i do all of our saints and share news and happenings, good and bad and anything once again officially and irrevocably, saints welcomes skye and daphne.

this has been another learning experience for has taught me that our surrender/adoption/and foster agreements are simply not enough in ensuring a good understanding of what this all means. nicole and i will be developing an information FAQ sheet outlining what being a saints animal really and clearly means. it will list our expectations, our responsibilities, and the same for the animal's families/surrendering shelters and vets so there are no further misunderstandings. we dropped the ball on coco-puff and that little wanna-be pilot (crap...i can see him, but i have forgotten his name), we have to ensure we don't drop the ball anymore. i think we do that by making sure we are absolutely crystal clear in what we really mean. it will remove a lot of the stress of second guessing decisions and trying to figure things out differently and in hind sight too...that is just too emotionally draining for everyone involved....not good for me, not good for families, or shelters and vets....certainly not good for the animal who needs an iron clad committment from us so we can fully follow thru and meet their ongoing needs.

rescue is so confusing sometimes..i don't get this...i have it all so clear in my mind but the reality sometimes just gets muddled up.

hey...muddled is a REALLY good, descriptive rescue reality word...time to make it one that no longer applies to anything we do.



Jenny Two's darkness has been oooozing out of her pores (or teeth rather) since she left yours Carol! Luckily Nudge and Toad have rays of light to balance things out.


If Phoebe's darkness is starting to escape then just the sweet goodness that is in her will be left.