Rescue Journal

is it a full moon????

Carol  ·  Feb. 15, 2009

phoebe started a pack up on andy today because she is an impatient psycho-hag and andy is low man on the totem pole. he is fine, it was just all noise but i am beyond fed up and pissed with her...the other animals have the right to live without her spinning out of control just because she feels like causing a halocaust. i dare her to do it to one of the dogs who would clean her clock...end of the red whirling thunder. i asked mo if i could just put her down and worry about regretting it later. mo just laughed....but she didn't say no.

caylee and her family have been up several times this weekend to spend time with skye. this is good cuz it takes the pressure off me to amuse her and socialize.

cuddles came for a visit while kathy worked around here...he velcro'd himself to me and jumped right back into his work. we spent the morning together doing all of my usual stuff and that was really nice for me. when it was time for kathy to leave, she called him, he joyfully ran to her and jumped straight into the van. looks like we have a really good understanding...his job here is to look after me and when his work is finished he goes home to his family again.

here is my fractured tale for tonight, it is called....

James Bond vs the Tripod-Pussy

i named james bond, james bond because he is big and black and getting old (he is 18 this year), and he is strong and contained and powerful and he is the most arrogent cat that i know.

i don't know who started it...all i know is i caught him and diablo rolling around pulling out each others hair. i intervened and told them to stop and they both just totally ignored me. i tried to pull one off of the other and they did their slippery cat thing and kept pulling out each others fur. i finally took off my blue fuzzy slipper and i beat them both over the head with it.

sigh...that didn't work either.

in the end, i did manage to shove james bond's head into my stinky slipper and then push him to the other side of the gate. i caught him in mid leap as he launched himself back over to finish the job of destroying his enemy.

so i used my foot to push diablo into the bathroom and then slammed the door shut tight. i told that bloody bond to bugger off quick before i decided to get into the fight. he left but he was not happy, his enemy had gotten away.

i picked up diablo and put him back in his cage and i intend to leave him there til i forget that i freaking hate cat fights more than anything because unlike dogs who just make snarling noise, cats actually scream.

neither one of them appears to be the least bit hurt... (or remorseful)...looks like it was just for tough-guy, i am the "big boy" show.


and winter is an air head...she enjoyed the whole battle'd think she was the princess prize...ditzy-dim-cat...she should have been as disgusted by their behavior as me.