Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 15, 2009

sam was carrie's dog. she brought him to work with her every single day. he was without a doubt the most incredible dog i have ever met. he kept cleo and dusty company in the mp room, he good naturedly let the wicked chi's chase him all over the fields. carrie asked him to get the kittens used to very big dogs and he let them play with his tail.

every time i saw him, he sat in front of me to say hello...his happy and gentle face was so beautiful that he just made you feel really good.

sam was a great big gorgeous, shiny, black newfie that carrie adopted from LAPS and every day around here he made a bit more wonderful.

and he loved carrie, she was his best friend and his partner, she gave him a wonderful life that he thought was the best in the world.

sam died suddenly on friday, no one knew his spleen was full of cancer.

carrie, all of us are going to miss him so much and all of us know you are going to miss him a hundred times more.

rest in peace sam.

take care of yourself carrie, i think sam is still watching over you.



Sam was a beautiful dog with a spirit to match. The love, the connection that you and your boy had will never lessen, Carrie, it was a relationship built on trust and respect, a love for the ages.

Goodbye good dog, you have left a large whole in the SAINTS family, Sam.

Carrie, please be kind to your broken heart.


I found my thoughts kept going back to you this week-end carrie. So sorry for your loss. I only met Sam a couple times, but you could tell just meeting him once that he was special.


I've never met you, but I know the loss of one who is intensely close. You adore


Thank you to everybody for your love and support. I am overwhelmed with the number of people that have extended their concern in the last couple of days and it has made this much easier to deal with. Although I miss him dearly, I feel so lucky to have ever met Sam. He changed the way I looked at life. He was always so happy and put things in perspective. If we all lived life the way he did, the world would be a better place. I know that even in the after life, he will walk by my side and keep me safe.


i'm so sorry you had to loose Sam so suddenly. he was a gorgeous gentle giant.


Carrie, I am very sorry for your loss. We lost a Rottie that same way some years ago. The wound heals and the memories become that much more special. May God bless you and heal your heart.


OMG!! Carrie my heart just sank. Sam was such a gentle giant. You gave him an awesome life! His presence will be very missed. Our thoughts are with you...))BIG HUG((


Sam was such a gentle giant, very laid back and accepting of the little animals that roamed around him.
He enjoyed his pats and treats. He will be missed by everyone that met him. I'm sorry he is gone, take care Carrie.


sorry to hear that Sam was a great dog......sorry for your loss carrie