Rescue Journal

saints monday news

Carol  ·  Feb. 16, 2009

i had suzie into the vet today...she has been chesty/wheezy. after the exam , they snapped an xray and suzie, the little land shark is suffering from cardiomyelopathy (enlarged heart) and the beginnings of congestive heart failure. she is thirteen, did have a mouthful of rotten teeth (which we took out when she arrived) and is quite rotund to put it politely... so it really was not much of a surprise to find out she has some cardiac trouble now.

sooo...i cracked the GIC today and tomorrow i will pay all of the bills and we will start over and try to build the safety net back up again (it might not happen for awhile, but hope floats til it sinks)

anyway, i feel much less stressed now with the vet bills back to zero...don't know how long they will stay there but hopefully they won't go so insane again for at least a little while.

i just hope i haven't made a huge mistake with all of this...geez, i really hate the money is so complicated and is a person to know what is the very best thing?

we managed to get thru all the work fine today with the reduced staff hours too. i am still on my days off and helga came and volunteered too. we will see what happens when i go back to work on wednsday.

TG is here with a van load of really cute dogs...they are pretty adorable and all of them have some place good to go.

well i better go switch the laundry around...i have loads running in the house and out in the shop too...makes for alot of back and forth but it makes it easier to keep up with the mp building animals laundry rather than hauling it all to the house and then back out there again once it is thru. i can 2 loads at the very same time...and i think this is maybe fun? duh-duh-dim-wit laundry drudge.