Rescue Journal

is there life after death?...and do they really ever leave?

Carol  ·  Feb. 17, 2009

phoebe is trying to look cute today...keep working it babe, maybe i will forgive you by next week.

what pisses me off in the morning about all the poop around here is...

as soon as i get up i grab the paper towels and the mops and go room by room. by the time i am finished and it is safe to let them outside, i have to go back and re-do every room. i put on the kettle, i let them back in and i make my cup of tea and by the time i sit down to the computer i can see several more poops and puddles sitting there looking at me.

i didn't see who did it cuz i was looking at the tea bag judging if the color was right and anyway.... last time i took my eyes off my tea in mid stream, stripe dumped her cat food off of the fridge right into my cup. that was gross...what if i hadn't seen that and i had taken a drink?...gag.

this is the difference between poorly housetrained and incontinent. the incontinent just go whenever, where ever and they don't think about where they are going to be in 5 minutes (out in the front yard) or where they have just been (like out in the front yard) the urge strikes and they go...even if i have just finished cleaning the floor.

but what amazes me is how the heck do they do it so invisibly?????

it is like a bunch of incontinent ghosts around, here's a thought...... maybe the saints who have already passed on, didn't actually leave????

not sure how i feel about being visited by all of the much beloved leaky little bastards for all of eternity.