Rescue Journal

and keeping it real...

Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2009

the little things i dislike most about rescue....

i hate cleaning up warm poop...cold poop ain't great either but feeling that warmth thru the layers of paper towel is just a bit too personal for me.

i hate floaties in water grosses me out. i can't stand looking into a stainless steel bowl and seeing bits of food or strings of drool floating around in what should be pristine crystal clear water.

i hate the smell of cat pee and even more, i hate the smell of old pee...not old as in from the aged, old as in hiding underneath something for a couple of days.

i am not good with vomit...animal or human. and i do really poor with retching, it makes me want to retch too.

i hate picking up linen so saturated with urine that it drips back down on the floor...dusty and apollo are putting me over the edge with this one cuz they saturate their pee pads and blankets every single morning.

and i cannot stand feet traipsing thru poop, for chrissakes watch where you are walking...lexie is horrible for poop squishing between her toes. (i am ashamed to say i yell at her for this..."jeezus freaking christ lexi, watch where you are freaking walking"...she doesn't honestly care, she just keeps smiling and coming right towards me, miss makes me cringe.

and the thing i hate the very most of all is when some idiot vomits right into a full food bowl...gawd...turn your freaking head to the side please, don't puke your guts out in there!

see...i can be warm and fuzzy or really disgusting and both sides are utterly true.



I never did care to watch my cat projectile vomit across my living room. Something was really wrong with that.


It's the yellow bile that makes me want to puke.

Maybe because it worries me..."why is it bile??". Or maybe it's the sloopy sloppy pick up.

Both. * shudder *


Ya I hate all those things too....are ya sure ya got the right calling in life.... :shock: Kinda part n parcell in what ya do isn't it???....I'm not bad with pee n poop....but vomit makes me gag.....n I'm a hunter... and seen alot worse... but somethin about puke gets to me.....You have my sympathy girl....K now go clean up that mess that just happened while you were reading this.... :( :(