Rescue Journal

sunday as a day in the life of a rescue

Carol  ·  Mar. 1, 2009

6 am wake up and clean up pee and poop

7 am make tea, check emails and blog if i want to.

730 get dressed, clean up the mess again as they all wake up

8 am all dogs go outside (not earlier cuz they will bark and bug the neighbors)

830 go to town and hit mcdonalds for breakfast, pick up any short supplies while you are in there.

9 am drive feed over to barn and unload. start laundry in shop, clean up after dusty and lucky, give diabetics insulins and feed.

troops for the barn, helga for the FeLV cats, brenda, lynn, ko, laura and lana to spread around and clean every place.

10am dogs for a field run and then out to help mo.(they really aren't all that helpful but mo lets them pretend)
clean MP room and bunnies, switch around laundry. check emails again in case i forgot something important. nicole arrives and does direct medical care and photographic things.
1130 get dressed again and go to work.

do nursing stuff.

4 pm home for lunch, put on boots and barn coat, barn guys to bed, do meds, let dogs out, clean up pee, switch laundry around, write this.

5pm pick off the hay from me and put back on my work shoes and sweater, go back to work til 9 pm...

930 home, diabetics insulins, feed, dusty's group out to pee then lucky. lock up buildings, turn off lights, in to the house to clean up poop and pee, let dogs out, switch around the laundry...check emails, phone messages, blog if i want, settle the inside guys to bed..put on my pj's, then off to bed with me.

this is why i am never bored, life is too full and is also why the volunteers are never bored either, cuz they also are far too busy!

and i seem to spend alot of time changing my freaking clothes.