Rescue Journal

saints welcomes angel

Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2009

the little blind rat terrier unregulated diabetic...sweet dog but very shy, she is hanging out underneath my bed. she is more worried about people than she is about the dogs...hopefully she will feel safe soon.

shrek's bloodwork is back...he is cleared for surgery.

les's bloodwork is back too...inconclusive...maybe mild cushings, but probably not. we will watch him and see how he does when fed a decent quality diet and gets a bit more exercise and stimulation.

no ear mites for diablo...maybe an allergic reaction to something, he now has some panalog cream....we are to watch him and see.

no obvious tumour in daphnes rectum...she needs stool and urine specs collected..probably just a mild transient colitis..she will be on flagyl for a while.

i was not successful on the paperwork front today BUT i did manage to get my laundry done and a few groceries....maybe i can get some of it done on my lunch break tomorrow...and i have to remember to pay the utility bills too.

i am planning on pulling jesse from the kennel on saturday (he is the freak out biting nervy dog on ice waiting to get in)..once he gets in, thats it...all animals in holding patterns are now in and i swear to god, i am not taking in a single other thing til i can breathe again.

we met our committments to the ones we said we would help, everyone else will have to find their help for the next while from somewhere else, at least til we get some good and permanent adoptions. any space we have is only for past or current saints.
and this is the other issue that we keep on our back burners at all open door for our previous animals to have an immediate way back in if they ever need.

you cannot take on the responsibility for an animal's life and then leave them hanging at risk down the road cuz it now is no longer convenient. rescue once and rescue again and forever...that is the name of the game around here.

lucky saints that i have a well honed and refined sense of deep and continued responsibility for their forever wellbeing...that is the deal, they will never be truly homeless again.

if home is where the heart is...for whatever it is worth, they have every bit of my heart to call their home if ever they need.