Rescue Journal

freaking dogs and migraines

Carol  ·  Mar. 4, 2009

big ouch.

i laid in bed silently immobilized with pain with that idiot tony circling, screaming and desperate to get up on the bed. apparently he suffers from a unique form of separation anxiety...the kind that strikes and puts you in a panic when your person is an untouchable 2 feet away and not able to move or speak.

i so wanted to yell at him to shut the hell up. he has a high pitched, head splitting scream.
by the time i woke up this morning and could once again move, he was sound asleep on his bed and i missed the opportunity to make him as miserable as he was making me.

angel slept with her head on my legs most of the night...twice i heard her get up and quietly cry and scratch at the door....i am so sorry you are unhappy will get better in time and i will love you and care for you thru anything...even your heart breaking.

well...i better go see the diabetics and get my not so feeling great self to work today...only 3 shifts this set and the count down begins.