Rescue Journal

we lived one hour less today and that means we had an hour less to do our work.

Carol  ·  Mar. 8, 2009

este is doing well on her sleep over this time...dawn is really happy.

3 tours today....i think everyone enjoyed themselves.

i had lunch with my daughter and her fiancee, i enjoyed that too!

jesse is doing really well.

les came out for his field run...he was slow and i think he was tired but i know he enjoyed himself too.

i got mean with dusty, she was after lexi again today...she is not going to determine who i let into the mp room, that is my decision to make. (she is having difficulty understanding the real chain of command around here, eventually she will get it when she gets tired of me on top of her)

i don't think i explained the whole biting thing all that well.

i just want people to understand that there is a big difference between bite histories and human aggression. jesse is a really sweet, sweet dog (and he really likes humans) and yet he has a multi-bite history spanning years...he came in with a cage muzzle, he won't ever need that around here because jesse is not human aggressive, he just made some really poor communication choices for whatever reason.

i think it is important that we understand this cuz rescue help for dogs with bite histories is freaking slim pickings.

i want to thank pacific pallisades hotel, they delivered a cheque today for $2000, this is enough to pay our farm vets off!

ok...i need to change my bed...those bed guys have been rolling around and getting hair all over my sheets. yuck.

i have decided that the time change today royally sucks...someone just stole a whole hour away from me and i don't like that very much.



thanks carol,i will call tomorrow. you know, sometimes the pains in the asses are very special.


oops I meant to say -
far fewer animals walk through your DOORS with biting issues.... not walk through your DOGS- LOL


Hey Carol,
I don't post often but read the blog all the time. Your post said that you didn't think you came across right about biting.....
I have to say that as someone not involved in rescue just a regular pet owner I TOTALLY get what you said about biting! Makes sense to me - dogs (well any animal really) have limited ways to express themselves. Push a dog too far and you gonna get bit! What your post meant to me was that as a pet owner is my responsibilty to make sure I don't set my dogs up for failure. Learn to read their body language, find out what triggers make them upset, give them a safe place to be when they want to back away. If we as pet owners do our job then there will be far, far fewer animals who ever walk through your dogs with "biting issues." and maybe, just maybe there would be a lot more animals who would never have to leave their homes in the first place.


take him as soon as you can...i will call tonight and leave a message to ben finally feeling his age? good lord, at almost 17 maybe so!


hi carol can you let me know if i can take ben to the vets. lots of lumps and a horrible time walking. he is aging really fast. but he absolutely adores me and i want him to feel comfortable.