Rescue Journal

the puff ball, the tender foot, the pooh butt, the walking wounded and the memory impaired (that's me)

Carol  ·  Mar. 10, 2009

les....i woke up to a great deal of guilt and sadness this morning. les was not on my bed. if he wasn't on my bed, where the hell was he? there was no way he could safely get down by himself. so i sit up and foggily look around at all the beds, no soft and puffy les to be seen. not good. i get up and start walking around and then i finally see him.

les has a very bad habit of sleeping too close to the edge of the bed. we have discussed the dangers of this before and last night sometime, the danger did happen. he fell off and i found him silently wedged between my blanket box and my bed. he did have the good sense to take my pillow with him so at least he had a comfy, soft bed to hold him while he was trapped.

poor baby!

chico's little foot is still sore. she keeps licking it constantly....i cannot see what is wrong with it so remind me to get someone to hold her so i can really look at it and see. it better not having anything on it that resembles phoebe teeth.

patch's the bunny has a giant pooh ball, stuck to his butt...i saw it yesterday and then forgot til i got to work yesterday. i will try to get someone to hold him today while i cut it off of him, but could everyone ask me over the next couple of days...did i rememeber to get the pooh ball off of patches behind please????

i took the cone off of tyra...cones around here are just freaking mean. but now i have to watch her carefully so i need a thousand more eyes than i have so if anyone sees tyra licking herself can you please say to her nicely but firmly...tyra-jane, stop licking that please? (and then give her a kiss so she doesn't think she is in trouble and to distract her and make her forget that she has a hole in her side that needs licking)