Rescue Journal

wow it is wet!

Carol  ·  Mar. 14, 2009

gawd it is wet out there...the barn guys were soaked because instead of standing under the three outside roofed areas, they had to stand in the pouring rain watching me get their dinners ready. it took a few minutes longer than usual because tunie did not want to get out of ellie's bed. i finally let ellie in the barn and her blood curdling screaming that she was hungry and tunie was in her freaking bed, finally forced tunie to her feet so she could waddle right over to ellie's franctically suction cupping nose and yell..."shut the hell up, i am moving!!!!!"...ellie became very quiet and moved out of tunie's way.
shit, all the coats are soaking wet and i was too.

i just finished the diabetics and doing the bedtime building rounds...everyone is warm and dry and fed and should be good til morning...but i again am soaking wet! how long is it supposed to pour like this?

i was trying to warm up with a fleece and a bunch of bed buddies but the 2 dueling dolts would just not shut up and let me get warm in peace. i told 4lane and tony that if they don't learn to quit nagging at each other...i am going to lock them together over in the TG adoption pen with their bowls and beds and leave them until they do....3 days, 5 days, 7 days...i don't care but i do want eventual peace in my bedroom.

i have decided to send fluke on a 2 week trial to a permanent foster home. not sure if he will miss the other dogs too much but his new dad has lots of time and wants to take him everywhere with him so i think he should be happy but we will see.

the last of serena's babes go tomorrow...i will miss those sweet, playful and curious kittens but the time has come for mikey and james to move into their brand new home.

the vet is coming on monday to check the FeLV cats, recheck the recent dental surgeries and to take blood to check tasha and tiko's T4 levels. i finally bought a cat scale cuz one never seemed to get donated and we need to moniter some of the old or sick guys weights....nicole, can you take it off the wish list please and thank you...we don't need two.

i picked nina up from the vet today. she recovered well from her eye enucleation surgery but i kind of miss that blind bugging eye peering up at me....she is still very cute.

angel is now getting on and off the bed on her own so i don't have to upset her and lift her anymore. she curled up in my arms while i was trying to warm up and currently is barking in her funny high musical tone for me to come back in there.

have i said recently that i just worship the ground that les walks on. he is such a very great dog and he is getting more mobile now that his thyroid meds are kicking in.

so while i hate the freaking wet rain...floyd and edwina are in ducky heaven...they stayed up way late tonight just goofing around in the muddy puddles. i cleaned their pool yesterday but today was so wet, i think they probably didn't feel the need to swim very much.

chyna is in a sucky mood tonight, she is currently trying to balance herself on my lap.

hot bath that's a good kind of wet.