Rescue Journal

everyone stop reading the blog.

Carol  ·  Mar. 15, 2009

everyone stop supporting saints too because believe it or not, it is all a lie.

we don't care for senior and special needs animals, we are too stupid and ignorant to know how to do this. we just warehouse them all and make them stay alive even if they don't want to because we think their suffering is fun.

we don't spend $19,000 in vet bills in 6 weeks for any good reason...we just give it to our team of 9 lazy vets who really don't know anything anyway but need some money so when they run short, they just call up saints.

our 33 and 34 yr old horses are REALLY only 2 or 3 and our 22 and 21 yr old cats are less than 5. our 20 yr old cow is really a healthy heifer and we sneak milk out of her to sell to make money to pay the useless vets when your donations run short, and we don't have diabetics or blind, crippled animals, we just have regular healthy animals who any moron could take care of ...we were just fooling with ya all for fun.

nothing we do here is real..nothing has the least bit of value to anyone...saints is really a cover for a grow op so i can retire next year to the bahamas and write a book about how great i am at creating illusions.

and we know nothing about anything really, we just pretend cuz we didn't learn anything anyway because we really have not ever done anything worthwhile for animals like we said we did. (we have been playing video games and drinking scotch and just racking and stacking and ignoring the animals around here because actually caring for them is too far beyond our limited and collective brain.) the spca did not come here by our invitation and inspect us 3 months ago and then give us 20 animals they had seized from other unhappy locations..they actually shut us down but i guess they forgot to say how badly our animals are cared for, cuz they don't know what they are doing either.

gee, i can't believe people finally figured it all out. it is a very good thing there are people out there that know exactly what they are talking about and can tell everyone else the real truth of how it is too. cuz geez i might just have gone on fooling you all for another year or two and could have tortured at least another 100 animals or two.

this is my one and only warning.....if ANYONE EVER mentions swinger again without the utmost care and compassion and respect, i swear to god i will get even madder than anyone has ever seen yet. and god knows what the hell i will do then. you will not use him to get to me personally or soil that horse's life, death and memory with dirty and utterly stupid rescue games.

think and tread carefully, i am in a real rage.

i will stay off brindle and you will now return the courtesy and stay off this blog, this is fair.