Rescue Journal

three blind dogs

Carol  ·  Mar. 20, 2009

what a difference a bit of time makes....angel is like miss roll all over you, kissy yur face, snuggle bug. i think she knows i am microwaving my dinner and so is trying to score points before anyone else thinks to.

the last couple of days while i was tossing stuff out of the FeLV room...dusty was grabbing it as it flew out the door and having a humping fest. today i found her a very nice and big humping bear of her own. i am almost sure she will really have a close attachment to her new toy.

i also bought lucky a few more mouth sized stuffies. she likes to take them outside to pee with her. i think they give her some kind of security.

blind dogs in general (as evidenced by angel, dusty and lucky) are just odd.

ok...dinner is ready...gotta go and share with the bed buddies, it is their turn tonight.