Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 21, 2009

saints saturday snap shots:

shrek and fiona went home with nicole today.

fluke and este are happy in their foster homes. fluke is being a good boy and este is still being a busy girl but their families both seem to like them alot.

dusty's bloodsugars were in the 7 range, angels were in the 8's, apollo is still in the mid teens but appear to be coming down slowly and surely.

rock is still not eating on his own but looks better today. we have pulled him off the doxycline and left him on baytril and zithromax cuz the taste of the doxy is upsetting him beyond belief....he looks and acts like he is seriously dying of poison. not worth any wellbeing he has to torture him so, we will just have to make do with the other two drugs on their own. i will phone the vet on monday and let her know.

well we finally saw the other side of jesse...he bit our new volunteer steve today. he tried to back away when steve entered the house but the entrance was too small, so a hard snap and bite in rapid succession. no broken skin but a deep tooth bruise.

so we are thinking that jesse who has been fine with unknown women entering the house might suffer from men issues. we will be looking for some male volunteers to test out our theory.

not really, that was a joke (but i bet it raised an eye brow or two)...anyway tho...we will need some quiet and directable male help (not that i am saying that men can't take direction... :) ) and assist jesse to get over this.

just the diabetics left and a bunch of laundry, then today is done.

and thank you everyone for all your hard work today (esp KO and steve for the bunnies and chickens deep cleaning...they REALLY needed that!)



Este has caused enough damage for the day and has quietly gone to bed. It's alot of work getting into everything all day. Requires massive amounts of energy and she need her beauty sleep. Good day had by all.


oh good i am glad that carly is okay with them. so glad you took tkhem. keep us posted.


so far so good with shrek and fiona.(still working on new name possibilities).
they were panting like mad the whole way home, but have finally started to settle, except that we just went outside for a pee and fiona quickly forgot that any confidence she had built and was terrified of her own shadow (and mine).
shrek is another wesley who was another ozzie, it's crazy how lucky i am finding these dogs (or them finding saints). he's a doll and fiona's a sweetheart.
had all three on the couch already today and right now carley and fiona are on it with shrek standing beside me as i type.