Rescue Journal

this morning

Carol  ·  Mar. 22, 2009

i fell asleep at 830 while watching "paint your wagon" and did not wake up again til 5 am today. les missed his thyroid meds, and a few others missed their bedtime antibiotics and pain meds. thank goodness i had done the diabetics BEFORE i laid down to watch tv with the bed crew.

it was a good long sleep, but too long if you ask my body. i don't think i moved very much with the buddies wedging me tight and i woke with my back and shoulders seized tight like a rock. i can't even bend to pick up poop yet so i answered some emails while i loosen up a bit.

the rock started to eat a little on his own last night...i haven't been out to check yet, but i am hoping he ate most of the half can of Recovery...he was licking at it when i left him, not sure how far he got with it.

oh i am so hoping he ate it all then i know he is on his way back. he has been so sick and such a worry...please, please, please...let me find an empty bowl in his bed this morning.

besides the different antibiotics and naturopathic meds, he has been getting injectible anti inflamatories and pain meds too. maybe it is finally all coming together for him. with everything and the sc fluids...that poor boy maybe finally decided just to get better so we'd quit bugging him so much.

hope is floating this morning (at least til i actually get out there to see)

if i hadn't fallen asleep, i would have known at midnight cuz that was supposed to be my last check on him til this morning.

sleeping sucks.

plus i missed the end of the movie...which is a big deal to me. the last time i saw that movie was when i was a kid. and i saw it in the theatre with milk duds and pop corn and it was the first movie that i saw without my parents hovering over me too!

sleeping wrecked that whole down memory lane thing.

i think it is funny to see clint eastwood in a knitted granny patch vest and must be the softer side of him.

ok...going to pick up poop and check rock, do the diabetics, give les his pill and get ready for work.

a reminder to everyone...if you put someone in a crate for some reason... remember to let them out again....poor nina spent many hours in a crate. she must have been quietly sleeping while i was awake and didn't complain and then i fell asleep too. i did not find her til 5 am this morning. i thought the door had just swung closed and she could push it open when she woke up...i didn't realize it was locked, we never lock her into a crate, she just likes to sleep in them...not a fun night for her....sorry babe.



When I was up at Saints today I popped in to see Rock and did not see him in his cage, so was a little concerned. I looked around the the room and again no heart was starting to sink...till I glanced outside and there was Rock soaking up some sun! What an awesome cat he is!!!
Also with all the recent departures(yay!) and Copper on an outing...poor little Andy looked lonely in the big dog area all by himself..guess you will be doing some new room assignments.


i will post about some of the fundraising events tonight...(at least the ones that i know enough about to get my facts straight)

update on rock...the bowl was clean this morning and as i left for work, he was chowing down on another full can of AD for breaky......YAY ROCK!!!!!


it is good for you to get some does a body good. see you today. glad for shrek fiona fluke and get into everything este. she seemed to be much more well behaved at saints but i guess that is because there was nothing to get into lol i wss going to ask if at some point you can post some of the things we can bring back to save on for points, etc. and some of the other fundraisers that are happening. how is carries 14 ave pub fundraiser doing and are we going to have a silent auction this year. also maybe in april we should think about having another potlluck and work party combo. the fields will sure need it and mo can not do it all herself.i am sure we can get a lot of people out and it is so much more fun with a group.