Rescue Journal

the advantage to a headache is....

Carol  ·  Mar. 25, 2009

i fell asleep for a bit. i woke up and looked out my window to see the horses flying around, and laura booting thru the backyard. was 6:00. laura and lana were already making their dinner and told me to go back to bed..hey, since i thought i might puke, it seemed like a good suggestion to me. when will i learn that i have no tolerance to alcohol...i had managed about half of an entire beer. i better stick to my pop which i can still function with...apparently i am not grown up enough for beer.

lyle was here with his heavy equipment moving mud all day. we brought in 2 loads of sand and 2 loads of crusher dust and that is all spread around now too. tomorrow he will finish up when the hog fuel arrives, he can spread that in the drier center of the riding ring (we sanded the outside perimeter where it gets really muddy) and poof, the barn guys will have clean and dry feet.

steve and randy re-fenced the upper pasture, now the little dogs can finally come out for field runs again.

i forgot to buy AD today so the rock is slightly pissed altho he did drink a bit of clinicare instead. asia is drinking clinicare on her own and ronnie is still saying no to everything.

i can't find the boxes of program and i REALLY need it tonight. i discovered a ringworm spot on angels nose and she sleeps with it burrowed under my covers or stuck in my neck and she constantly pokes her nose on my face. double shit cuz A...i thought we were done with it and B..i don't need ringworm lesions on my face when we film on monday!!!

it figures as an immune suppressed diabetic she'd get it cuz i am sure it is still hiding on surfaces somewhere. it lives in the environment for months..maybe not as much here because we don't have carpets but it probably survived the cleaning of the cage she was briefly in.

note to self...pull out all of the cages that the FF cats were in and bleach those suckers AGAIN!

maybe it wasn't the beer that gave me a headache...maybe it was freaking animals and all that they bring to me...good and headaches and ringworm and bankruptcy.

maybe i will list the good things (if i can think of any) tomorrow.