Rescue Journal

get up and up and left.

Carol  ·  Mar. 27, 2009

all i am going to say about getting out of bed this morning is..ouch.

it is going to be a very long (and slow) day.

shrek and fiona go in to the vets this morning. and now so does little sissy. she popped up a hematoma in her ear yesterday. she is NOT going to appreciate leaving her warm fireplace bed for the cool sterility of a clinical suite. i think shrek and fiona will totally agree....i am so sorry babes, not a fun day for three of the saints.

i already checked on spot..happy cow laying down on her very soft bed.

talking to animals really is not hard as long as you understand one important thing. unlike humans, most animals (except phoebe, jewel and jesse who yabber CONSTANTLY)... speak to us only when they really need us to listen carefully and respectfully. the rest of the time they are too busy doing their own unique thing to babble on about nothing.

the filming for the national has been bumped to a later day..i will let you know when it actually happens instead of when i think it might be. whenever is fine with is a great gift of exposure for us so whatever day will be a great day (as long as i am on a day off, don't look or act too crazy and the animals just do their usual amazingly sainted thing.)...i do hope it is sunny tho..does anyone know when the next sunny day is so i can hope for THAT day for filming???

i think when one is incredibly sore, one should kick all bed hogging dogs off the bed (except daphne and les) sadly the only one not on my bed last night WAS les because i could not reach down to pick him up. which might be ok, he is covered in shavings from the barn yesterday that i can't bend down to brush off of him. they are all trapped in his sparse pinky hair but he did enjoy being a farm dog yesterday!

shavings in bed is just asking for an unhappy is one of those things i try hard to avoid.

ok..i need extra time this morning to get dressed and all of my stuff done. i am not exactly sure how lifting 103 pound fiona into the van will go.... i have little lift left in me today.

oh well i will figure it out, its not like i have much of a choice.