Rescue Journal

heads up on toby

Carol  ·  Mar. 28, 2009

he's 21 years old and pretty frail now. a couple of days ago he moved into the back cat rooms, i think he wanted less distractions and more peace for the first time since he came here. he just refused his nightly milk that he so looks forward to each day. he has gone in under the couch so i can't bug him too much, he just wants to sleep in peace. i think he is gearing up to go away.

everyone please watch him carefully...he can do this on his own if he wants and as long as he stays comfortable but call me at the first sign that maybe he needs help cuz i am at work tomorrow which might be his critical day.

gentle journey toby...we all adore you.


Pat Jones

I,ll be thinking of Toby, He sure lived a long life.
I hope everything goes good for both of you IT must be
Hard but at least they have you Carol. Pat