Rescue Journal

the end of innocence

Carol  ·  Apr. 4, 2009

the new guys are settling...niko is sound asleep on the warm cement outside the dogroom door. lucy is curled up in my bedroom on a blanket, leaking urine (hormonal incontinence) wrapped up in my favorite sweater. and little innocent caspar and his muddy feet, is asleep with everyone else on my bed. we just finished watching "the rookie" and after a quick break, are watching "in pursuit of happyness" next.

everyone is tired and content...lots of field runs, lots of barn cleaning...and lots of warm and comforting sunshine. lots of friends to be with them today...lots of attention focused right on them.

my very favorite image of the day...

little pristinely white and immaculately groomed caspar, lagging behind on the walk. trying to catch up with us by taking a short cut. he trots down the hill and right in the mud but not the least slowed or perturbed...he steps right on to continue...into the pond.

that poor little innocent did not realize that he could not walk on water...i don't think it even occurred to him that it was more than a very large but shallow puddle. under he went...right up he popped and he swam his little heart out right back to the shore.

it was a huge confidence builder for him..."hey! i can swim!" and in that very brief moment (when he almost killed himself) he learned he could overcome and survive..

i so love watching little foo-foo city dogs suddenly become vibrant farm dogs. all of them met pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, horses, goats, sheep, llamas, a ton of new dogs and a ton of people too today..and not one of them even blinked an eye, they just fit themselves right in.

good dogs, i am so very proud of all of you!



Nothing to do with this post but what time is the Pub Night on the 18th.



does not take new dogs long to learn to be happy and content at saints. glad they all had a great first day and many more to come. was glad to be back from holidays and up at saints. 2 weeks is too long to go without seeing all my friends. copper was happy to go to the park with me and my 3 was a beautiful day for a walk.


These types of moments make rescue worth every frustation encountered. The peace and contentment in their faces and bodies transends to the guardian and care giver as well. Grasp these moments while you can for they are invaluable.