Rescue Journal

three new incoming in one afternoon is freaking HARD...

Carol  ·  Apr. 4, 2009

yesterday i spent the early morning on diabetics and cleaning my room..then i pretty much took the next 5 hours off. i slept, i watched a couple of turner classic movies and folded my personal laundry. i had lots of company but they enjoyed the slower paced day too. at 3 i joined the rest of saints in welcoming our new residents and then with a couple of exceptions, was then trapped within a couple of rooms until this morning....the new dogs are not happy. they all came from places where they thought they were safe, they never thought they would end up with a bunch of others in a homeless shelter.

first came lucy, a 7 yr old weimaraner..her owner is working his way thru rehab and she needed a place to go. next came caspar, a 9 yr old diabetic bichon/poodle cross whose owners were looking to put him down, they are in their retirement years and found his diabetes and resulting incontinence too much to handle. and lastly came niko, the 12 yr old mal/siberian who was or was not really a saint...and whose mom just lost her job and soon her home.

it sure was sucking in their world last night...they are all upset, they are all unhappy and afraid. they all want to be rescued from this doggy homeless hell.

they did not believe me when i said it would be ok...they are safe here even if they do feel afraid.

it makes me sad.

anyway...lots of hard work ahead of us to convince them to change their minds. laura and lana came last night to stay with them all while i did the bedtime diabetics and quickly mic'd some mac and cheese to eat. they are not bad when someone is with them, but panic as soon as we leave....i think i am going to be spending alot of time in my bed and big dog room.

i have opened the gate between the two rooms to try to disperse the numbers a bit but the settled saintly bastards are having nothing to do with this...the bed is the place to be so that's where they are.

i think i have decided i will have to buy a kingsized bed (or two) when i have some extra money...a double is just stupidly inadequate now.

last night i was looking at all of the empty dog beds and my bed that was just too full and yes i was thinking of trying one out just to have a bit of room.

anyway that WOULD have been crazy so i just suffered with contorting my body around the homeless crippled crew as best i could.

despite my extra rest early yesterday, today i am more than exhausted.

unhappiness and fear that has to quickly be made to disappear is a huge energy sucker.

please settle quick you guys...for you and for me too.

the good news is little TG maggie has moved to chris and deb and angelina as their newest saints palliative foster dog.

maggie settled in here just fine...i said "take phoebe" but sadly maggie won and she got to go instead...ratz.



I saw your note about mattresses and thought you might like to know...
Maynards is selling off the contents of the Four Seasons Hotel, which they are renovating. They're selling one floor of the hotel each week. They are selling King size mattresses (that were brand-new last year) for $100. We bought one and they're in great condition.

Chris T

We decided to change Maggie's name to Gemma. She is lovely. She is settling in well. She appears to be toilet trained. When you bend down to pet her she gives you her belly for rubs. Everyone here is really being good with her and no one seems to be upset by the new addition. It is almost like they know.

I don't know what her life was like before but I don't think it was good. She doesn't seem to have had much stimulation nor does she seem to know how to play. We will work on that! Her tail was up this morning so that is a good sign that she is feeling a little more comfortable. SAINT Tucker is 'very' interested in her...a little too much!