Rescue Journal

it was a good weekend

Carol  ·  Apr. 5, 2009

the new dogs are settling well.

ko got 3/4's of the outside of the barn washed down.

mo did her as usual great job on cleaning the barn and walking the dogs.

nicole and meghan did some med stuff with nails and ears and fluids. plus nicole has photos of the new guys that she may or may not post any time soon.

zoe walked some dogs.

lynne is back from holidays and got right back at scrubbing the house and took some laundry over to elaine.
brianne and laura came and took care of the cats and the rabbits on saturday and tammy and helga took care of them today.

terry came and bathed chyna and took her for a walk.
steve the volunteer came and helped out with the poop and scooping.

and i got the dump run, some cleaning, some med stuff and laundry done and gave a full tour to a new volunteer.

the weather was great. the animals had two nice warm days with all of their favorite friends (except laura and lana...they grounded themselves this weekend at home to do some of their own much needed things....too bad you guys, it was beautiful up here!)

i had a nap this afternoon, and then a very early bath, i picked up some take out for dinner and shared it with the furry guys around here. i like watching them eat caesar salad..the first taste is good and then huh? is that lettuce in there?

squirt had a seizure again today...not too bad of one and he recoverd quite quickly. and apollo is doing well in the house so i am happy about that.
i better go put the barn guys to bed and do my end of the day rounds...then i have cheesecake for dessert which i am not sharing with ANYONE!



i am exhausted today and am going to try to get some sleep i will post them tomorrow or tuesday.
the webpages are in need of some attention so feel free to email me some bios if you're bored.


yes it was a great weekend, glad i could spend some time with the crew, wish it could have been longer but it was really a beautiful weekend. it is funny how the weather can make such a difference. i am hoping at some point to spend some more time with lucky and dusty. too bad they can not be together, it would be so much easier. being blind they can not do a lot of the stuff that the other dogs get to do and would be nice if they got a little more one on one. li took ben out for a walk this afternoon. he was very grateful and had a good time. he is one of the foster dogs that i walk. oh by the way how is our lovely princess este. i miss her, and i miss shrek and fiona and sir hump a lot, fluke. hope eaveryone has a good week.